Szász @ Sotheby’s

We are thrilled to announce the sale of a János Szász image (Burus / Rainy afternoon, 1973) at Sotheby’s A Discerning Eye – Photographs from the Eric Franck Collection auction held in London on May 19 2017. The small, 18 x 24 cms image of a village porch reached a staggering GBP 3750, setting a record for the artist and nearly doubling the top estimate. Burus @ Sotheby's

BURUS - 1973

Szász in Weltkunst

A first in German language but what a first: János Szász's work is introduced in prestigious Weltkunst magazine, the oldest German-speaking arts magazine. Author Laura Storfner talks about, among others: all the shades of black that are present in Szász's images, his "distorted splinters of reality". Weltkunst

AIPAD 2016

After last year, we are, again honoured to be shown at the Aipad Photography Show, the most prestigious photo fair in the world. This year, look for Szász images on the stand of Eric Franck Fine Arts! Aipad Photography Show; 14-17 April 2016 Aipad

Trio - 1959

Article on János Szász in l’Oeil de la Photographie / Szász cikk a l’Oeil de la Photographie-ban

Perhaps our most important article published on Szász so far: an introduction to and review of the exhibition “Parallels” @Supermarket Gallery. L’Oeil de la Photographie

Supermarket gallery exhibition

Launching our co-operation with Supermarket Gallery, we are thrilled to announce the first exhibition of the archive in Budapest, kicking off on 31 March, 2016. at 7:00 pm @ Supermarket Gallery, Budapest, Vitkovics Mihály u. 38. The show, entitled Parallels will attempt to show how the artist's unique vision was applied to two opposingly different styles of architecture - folk and social-realist architecture - in much the same way; how his overriding urgency for abstraction and for finding the geometrical, perspectives in both, shines through all these images. The show marks the beginning of our co-operation with Supermarket Gallery... but not really. The Gallery's "J.S.: Unalom" (J.S.: Boredom) exhibition (January, 2016) organised under a pseudonym also showcased Szász photos - the only colour material in the whole archive. Why the pseudonym? We wanted to see what these photos could do in a vacuum, without the pull of the name. It seems that the project succeeded, as it was an outstandingly successful post on You may see all photographs under the link here Boredom Exhibition, Supermarket Gallery


Szász featured in the upcoming Photography Auction of Villa Grisebach on 1 June with an image, Kitekintés (aka "Outlook" and "Perspective" - 1963). This image, intended by Szász to be a gently veiled, yet cutting critique of the Communist regime, and chosen as "Picture of the Year" by the Association of Hungarian Photographers, will also be featured in prestigious Welktunst Magazine as "Work of art of the month", on stands in May throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Grisebach

Outlook - 1963

Freedom of the past

We are pleased to announce that two János Szász images feature in the exhibition Freedom of the Past, a selection from Róbert Alföldi's photographic collection showcasing neo-avantgarde works from his collection of Hungarian and Western European photographers. Curated by Mariann Kolozsváry, it features, amongs others, Szász's Whichever Way / Winter (Ki Merre Lát / Télen - 1959). The exhibition is on until 2 Apr, 2016, Mai Manó House of Hungarian Photography, Hungarian House of Photography - Mai Manó House H-1065 Budapest-Terézváros, Nagymező utca 20. Freedom of the Past

Whichever Way - 1959

Szasz at Paris Photo

We are very pleased to announce that a stunning selection of vintage works by János Szász are on show at Robert Koch Gallery's booth in Paris. These include: "Wire", (cc. 1970) one of our most successful images at auction ever, and the ever-popular "Movie Hall" (1980), the only good quality print of the image ever to enter the market. Also, the image the artist chose to spearhead his Life's Work Exhbition in Pécs in 2000, "April Self Portrait". Visit booth C51 at the fair, 13-16 November. Robert Koch

April Portrait - 1966


Weltkunst, one of the leading German art magazines will run a full-length feature of the artist in its December issue. We will keep you updated, it promises to be very exciting. Weltkunst magazine

Fotomuveszet Magazine

Catch Szász in a feature by János Palotai in the Autumn edition of Fotóművészet: "FotoSzász: Black and white in gray tones". Fotóművészet magazine

Dance In Unison

Perhaps the most beloved image (by public and professionals alike) of the archive, "Dance in Unison (School ball)", 1965 is on the cover of David Leavitt's "The Two Hotel Francforts". According to The Guardian: "Moving, ravishing and fiercely ambitious, this is a novel to treasure." A true honour. Bloomsbury

San Francisco Exhibition

We are very pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition at Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, USA. The gems of the estate be on show in the Gallery from November 7 until December 21. Robert Koch Gallery

Autumn Auction

Three vintage prints by the artist are coming up at Auktionshaus Lempertz’s Autumn 2013 photography auction. Kunsthaus Lempertz

Women at Johanna Breede Photokunst

János Szász’s 1964 image „My Wife” can be seen at a group exhibition Frauen (Women) at Johanna Breede Photokunst in Berlin, DE, alongside true masters of European photography, amongst others, Herbert List, Heinz-Hajek-Halke or Hannes Kilian. The show runs from 8 March to 25 May, 2013. Johanna Breede Photokunst

Robert Koch Gallery's Exhibition

We are very proud to announce that the image "Untitled - Construction II" is featured in the Robert Koch Gallery's summer exhibition "Inside/Outside". The show runs unti Sep. 29. See the article of the San Fransisco Chronicle referencing the work. Koch Gallery

Book launch and Exhibition

Autumn Auctions

We are thrilled to announce that during the autumn auction season the estate will be represented in two major photogrpahy auctions. On 17 November, Bonhamsof London will offer two rare Szász works for auction -a the vintage or early print of the image Slide (1959, approx. 15 x 23 cms, one of two copies) at an estimate of GBP 800-1200, and the image Untitled, Wire (1970, 13 x 18 cm, a unique piece in this size), at an estimate of GBP 700-900. Refer to: Bonhams Auction On 1 December, Lempertz of Cologne will be offering a unique piece on sale - Untitled (Construction Version no. "2" - 1965, 30 x 40 cms) at an estimate of EUR 1500-2000, and the image On a Tricycle (1959, 30 x 40 cms), estimate to be specified later. Refer to. Lempertz auction Also, Biksady of Budapest shall have three further prints by the artist up for auction, details to be specified later. Refer to: Biksady

Wire - C. 1970

Exhibition in London

We are pleased to announce, that the Hotshoe gallery in London is exhibiting pictures from the 31st of May until the 9th of July. More information can be found on

More Auctions

Two auctions were announced recently, one at the Biksady gallery in Budapest on the 26th of May, and the other at the Lempertz gallery, Berlin, on the 31st of May.

Vernissage in Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin.

Our first private gallery show was opened on 11. February in Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin. The opening speech was held by Ulrich Rüter, photo historian from Hamburg. Some pics from the installation and the vernissage. The show is open until 2 April. Further information:

Reflections on the Delhi show

Szász was exhibited in the Hungarian Cultural and Information Centre in New Delhi from 7 Decdember until 7 January. The Daily Pioneer published an article by journalist Sucheta Dasgupta on the exhibition. You can read it here: Daily pioneer

Life's Work Exhibition in Pécs

Two parallel exhibitions in János Szász's home city of Pécs will showcase a selection from the late master's estate. The exhibition "Essential Szász" in World Heritage site Cella Septichora will offer on view the 35 images that have travelled around the world in 2010 - to Vienna, London, Stuttgart and recently, Delhi. The exhibition "Tátorján - reclusive images" in Nádor Gallery (Pécs, Széchenyi tér, 28 January - 20 February) will showcase photographs not exhibited for the last decades along with previously unseen works. "Tátorján" is a rare water plant found around lake Balaton in Hungary, and this was the pseudonym under which the artist entered events, contest, PhotoSalons all around the world, especially at the beginning of his career. Two separate sections will deal with the early works of the master, and the negatives that were left unprinted during his life A collage will allow visitorts a glimpse into how the artist worked, printed, and into his profusive and meticulous correspondence with magazines, editors of PhotoJahrbuch International. etc. "Essential Szász" is for viewing only, "Tátorján - reclusive images" is a for-sale event. Opening (vernissage) : 28 January, 15:00 in Cella Septichora, and 16:00 in Nádor Gallery.

Paris, Berlin

In Paris Photo 2010, the estate was showcased on an international level for the first time at the stand of Eric Franck Fine Arts. In the words of Augusta Edwards, Director, the images garnered an "amazing response" from collectors and clients. The third in the "Go East" series, Paris Photo 2010 concentrated on Eastern European photography, with an image by Kertész as the lead image of the whole event. and

The Lempertz Fall Photography Auction on 2. Dec. 2010 saw the first truly international auction of the artist, and we are pleased to report that both of the images on offer - "Under the Basketboard" and "Dance in Unison" aka. "School ball" were purchased, for EUR 1000 and EUR 1300, respectively.

Biksady auction. Nov. 25.

After the successful auction, selling the Image "Tricikli" and "Kompozíció" for a respective 810 and 740 EUR, we are pleased to announce that the image "Bontás", a unique vintage silver gelatine print achieved 2390 EUR Hammer price (all prices are without premium) at the Biksady auction on 25. Nov. 2010. This is a record for the artist.
Tricikli - 1959
"Tricikli" - 1959
24 x 18 cm vintage silver gelatine print

sold: 810 EUR
Kompozíció - 1965
"Kompozíció" - 1965
18 x 24 cm vintage silver gelatine print

sold: 740 EUR
Bontás - 1970
"Bontás" - 1970
24 x 18 cm vintage silver gelatine print

sold: 2390 EUR